How to ielts preparation at Home based in 30 days# 2022

How to ielts preparation at Home based in 30 days# 2022

          How to ielts preparation at Home based in 30 days# 2022

Listening & Reading :
If you want to prepare for IELTS and you want to prepare for ielts without any teacher how you can manage your preparation plan to achieve your desired bench score let me tell you your desired bench score must be realistic if you are looking for like example:
6 band or 6.5 band or even 7 or 8 your English capability it must be
Because ielts is just English language test and you always get bend score as per your language skills .
The first thing is you should collect good material for ielts and for that I’m going to recommend some books you must have those books and you got you’re going to take practice test from there ,

                           First of all you need to start practicing from Cambridge ielts books and you’re going to start from Cambridge ielts book number 15 because that the latest book right now how you’re going to do it take one listening test from Cambridge book number 15 check your answers and see how many answers are right and how many answers are wrong the answer which wrong go towards the end of the book I mean at the end of the book you will find transcript read the transcript and then see why you chose the wrong answer and why other answer is correct this is what you need to do always work out your mistakes at the same time you can go on with reading subtest take one test after that just check your answers and see out of 40 how many answers are there. So you’re going to go on Reading and Listening like this

Cambridge child’s book 15 then book 14 and all that once you are done with this. I would advise you to take at least one to two test of listening and one to two reading tests .By the way listening test you will find some online resources as well like there is very popular one online ielts


Speaking :
Ielts speaking you can buy it in india it’s easily avaible you can buy it so you should have the latest version of that and you must go through all the questions in part one number two you must go through all the cue cards for part two and all the questions which are for part three in that book they give you answers as well.
Part one they give you short answers for part three they give you answers for part two they give you some outline how to answer so for speaking you can trust or you can reply upon maker ielts book you can get the latest version of that ,
Most of the CUE Cards which come in ielts globally I mean these Cue cards are already there in maker ielts book.

ielts speaking test

ielts Academic & ielts general

Writing :
so for speaking you can do that now let’s talk about writing as far as is concerned I always believe that good reader are the good writers so you have to be a good reader of essays as you know there are Five types of essays in ielts
Advantages &
Disadvantages they say problem solution essay opinion essay discussion essays two question essays right so you need to select or you need to get a couple of books where you find these essays and by the way there is one book which is readily available on google it’s called ielts journal essay writing search google and you can get pdf of this book in this book you will find some sample essays so you can through those sample essays read the layout of the essays there are two things for essay writing which are extremely important the examiners always look for task response if you task response is good then they will just see your grammatical range your vocabulary and your coherency and cohesion bust task response is the most important thing if your task response is not good definitely your essay is useless regardless of the fact that you use good vocabulary good sentence structure if your task essay it will not bring good bench score .
So this is actually one month plan and make sure daily basis you touch all four modules and don’t do that today I do listening and reading tomorrow I’ll do writing and speaking. On the daily basis you must go through all four modules of ielts without any teacher without any trainer you get good band.

How to ielts preparation at Home based in 30 days# 2022


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