PSY 404, PSY 512 Today Current Papers mid term 2022 virtual university of Pakistan


PSY 404, PSY 512 Today Current Papers mid term 2021 virtual university of pakistan
1. Three main features of Binge-Eating Disorder. (3)
2. Name three Alcohol related disorders. (3)
3. Explain Destruction of Property and Deceifulness in accordance to Conduct disorder. (3)
4. Write three main features of Frontotemporal Neurocognitive disorder.(3)
5. Write Five main features of Substance Induce disorder. (5)
6. Conceptual Question about Paranoid personality disorder. (5)
Night mare and sleep terror ke 2 differences
Caffeine withdrawal symptoms se related aik scenario
What you know about delirium
Diagnostic critea frontotemporal ka
Diagnost8c criteria
Intermittent ka
McQ easy thy or book sy thy
1) Depersonalization/DE realization
2)five Etiology of Neurocognitive Disorders due to another medical condition
3)Blumia nervosa or Binge eating m difference
4) three Etiology of disruptive impulse control and conduct Disorders

1.Formal assessment tha
2.Genetic factors of schizophrenia n psychotic disorder
3. Beck’s cognitive theory
4. Reason of reversal moral treatment
5 statement thi disorder find karna tha
6. OCD n related disorder
Outpatient treatment
Speech sounds disorder
Tic disorder with examples
Majority is authority
Or 2nd tha k ak patient ko problem thy chest pains etc…
Etiology k 2 reason lekhny thy
Traumatic event
Pharmacological disorder
Streotypic movement

PSY 404, PSY 512 Today Current Papers mid term 2021 virtual university of pakistan
5) Delirium
De personalisation?
Binge eating disorders average timing?
Any three Symptoms of insomnia?
Quiz 2,3 mn sy 4,5 aay thy bki concptual tha but easy thy.
3 marks k 4 quiestion thy
=Difference btw antisocial and avoident personality.
=Three pica factors
=Difference btw fetishistic and transvestic disorder
=3 factor of sociocultural factors

5 types of substance indused disorder.

1) 3 alcohol disorder
2) explain dissociative disorder
3) what is huntingtons disease and define neuro cognitive disorder of huntington disease
Long 5 marks of each:
1) pysiological,social and genetic cause of personality disorder
2) ek case tha us me cluster disorder identify krna or justify

512 psychology

1 Glass ceiling effect?
2 gendy health emotion different?
3 Health exercise define?
4 Do you think a teen age girl stress and anxiety explain your answer?

1.forms of feminism
2 aggressiveness according to stereotype for both men and women
3. gender differences in bullying
4. three cases that can be chosen for case study
1. women movement in subcontinent
2. characteristics of heroine depicted in electronic media any five

Define PMS ?
Questions 2 Do you think a female nutrition and husband a pregnancy explain?
AIDS patient k bry m log kya sochty(3)
Glass ceiling wala aya tha scenario bna k(3)
Individual kya role bnta in femist therapy(3)
Sexual harassment wala aya tha scenario wala(5)
Short questions

1.stigma about people suffering from AIDS.
2.two main principle of feminist theory. Describe berifly.
3.conditions of human body when blood vessels are not in good shape.
4.what is glass-ceiling effect.

difference between radical and social feminism(3)
sources of data collection in correlational research(3)
so many such as prove that death rates of men are more than women’s,explain it in biological and social perspective(5)

1. Suffragists and suffragettes definition
2. Why gender lableing does not ensure gender role adoption.
3. Secanrio based karon horney point of inferiority origin in insecurity
4. Ethnography

importance of socialization in sex typing (5)
Bullying in different gender roles(5)

Psycholoanatyic feminism 3
Characteristics of females as a heroine on electronic media 5
How Psycholoanatyic theorist believe that women live long life explain you point of few 5
Independent and dependent variable

Long questions

1.what can be the consequences of sexual harassment.
2.what is meant by clients experience. What are its effects regarding feminist theory.
What is informal work.give it’s example.3
What do you think quality of relationship with cause mental illness? Give your answer by a research.3

Long question
What types of women may victimize by domestic violence.5
What is the gentic role of psychopathology and describe traditional theory according gentic role in disease related believe

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