Psy 502 Bt 401 – VU Final Term Current Papers 2021

Psy 502 Bt 401 - VU Final Term Current Papers 2021

Psy 502 Bt 401 – VU Final Term Current Papers 2021



3.positive psychology

4.anxiety drugs


6.productive orientation

7.Stress and fatigue influence on organization

8.Neorotic peoples by

9.Biological approach

10.Componant of personality by frued

11.Influence of evil spirits

12.Dynamic psychology

13.Mashlow theory

14.Researches of positive psychology

  1. Vygotsky development of man

16.Nervous sleep

17.Scapegoating treatment or Adler inferiority

18.Erikson stages of development (Long)

19.Kurt kofka (long)

20.Educational psychology in china (short)

21.theory of leadership and types (short)

22.Humanistic psychology

23.Colonial mentality (short)

24.feeling of inferiority how to deal with it short

25.Erikson stages of development (Long)

26.Csikszentmihalyi is the founder of: FLOW

27.Black Skin White Mask book who wrote?

28.Leisseze-Faire Leader

29.Work Of Leiontev in Learning Step 3 marks

30.Sports Psychology Vs Positive Psychology

31.Last page of the handouts… Meaning life, pleasure life etc

32.Mental Disease’s views of Ancient Greeks and Romans…


Psy 502 Bt 401 – VU Final Term Current Papers 2021

BT 401 Paper

Botanical garden

Role of botanical garden in conservation

Historical background of ramsar convention

Disadvantage of DNA bank

Extreme weather effect of invertebrate genetic resource

Long question

Fgr 10 marks

Objective from past most abbreviations

What is the role of cry protectant in cryopreservation. 3

Primary objective of category VI .2

When and where nogaya protocol held? 2

Game reserve 2

Law and legislation 2

Climate factors affecting on FGR? Also its effects on other organisms live there 10

How genetic resource of FGR matter.  5

Future of cryopreservation. 5

Bt 503 Paper

Advantage of bio trickling over a bio filter

Role of endophytes

Fundament requirements of cloning procedure

Factor affecting in situ & ex situ techniques suitability

Offsite disposal of solid waste

Maturation ponds

How xenobiotic degraded by microorganisms

2 advantage of the conventional biological sludge dewatering process

Difference between natural and conventional sludge dewatering process

Environmental concern to the release of the hormone into environment.

Role of filter medium in bio filter also name the compound of the  filter medium. 5mrks

Factor affecting bioremediation. describe all 5mrks

Five impact of chlorobenzene p dioxin on human health.5mrks

Name enzyme, solution and equipment’s used in the genetic engineering 3marks

There classes of biosensor and two advantages and disadvantages of immunsensor.

Role of organism to the biological toxicity of water and soil sample

Define biotechnology.2 marks

Phytoplankton’s and their application as bio indicators.  3 marks

Extremophiles. 3 marks

2 Reasons of problems with biodegradation of detergents with example. 5 marks

List of sources of solid waste. 5 marks

What is PCR and how it works. 10 marks

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