Bio 203 Bio 202 – VU Final Term Current Paper 2021

Bio 203 Bio 202 - VU Final Term Current Paper 2021

Bio 203 Bio 202 – VU Final Term Current Paper 2021

When does RFLP occur.

Principle of PCR in clinical Microbiology.

Benefits is secondary antibodies in Western blot

Chrectistics of SNPs

Methods of joining DNA fragments.

DNA Ligases activity

DNA fingerprinting in diagnosing and developing cure inherit disorders

Comprehensive note on differ type of ( R-M ) restriction modification system (5)

Methods to transfer DNA on membrane and procedure for upward transfer of DNA (5)

Difference between Type II and Type IIs?

Names of types of RM system.

Names of blotting techniques.?

Southern Blotting is used for?


Screening techniques of SNPs?


Discuss the Types of Restriction Modification system.

Transfer methods Names Transfer method of DNA in southern Blotting.

Which detection method is used for all blotting techniques. Discuss.

Difference between blotting technique on basis of detection?

Limitation of Western blotting?

Nomenclature of enzymes?

properties of probes?

application of pcr in clinical microbiology?

R-M system 5 marks

Composition of bile


Glycerol 5 marks

Standard change of energy 2 marks

3 applications of cDMP 3 marks

Bio 203 Bio 202 – VU Final Term Current Paper 2021

BIO 202 paper

DNA denaturation 2 marks

Find the concentration of H+ in 0.1M NaOH solution

Write a note on long and short non coding regoratory RNAs

Enzymes and name of  its classes

Difference between uraciall and thymine? 2 marks

What do you know about kinetic enzymes? 2marks

What is the concentration of H in the 0.1M NaOH? 3marks

What is the simple lipids? Give two types? 3marks

Long Questions

Give five properties of waxes ? 5marks

reaction order respect with substrate concentration? 5marks

What is the enzymes? Give classification and examples? 10marks

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