CS 610 – Quiz No 2 Current Solved 2021

CS 610 - Quiz No 2 Current Solved 2021

CS 610 – Quiz No 2 Current Solved 2021

Welcome to your CS 610 - Quiz No 2 Current Solved 2021

IPV6 address with ________ leading zeros is interpreted to hold an IPV4 address.
UDP provide connection-oriented services.
TCP provides __________ communication.
Which one is NOT the function of ping Program
The Current version of IP-Version 4 is __________old
Fragmentation when using ICMP for path MTU should be avoided.
The UDP stand for__________.
Twice NAT fails if an application uses the IP addresses instead of Domain Name.
_________ contains all information needed to deliver datagram to the destination.
UDP follows four types of interactions
Network Address and port Transition (NAPT) is by far the most popular form of_________.
NAPT stands for __________
IPV6 128 bits address includes network prefix and_______
_______ protocol uses three way handshake to begin a connection.
______ field of header indicates whether a datagram is a fragment or a complete datagram.
____ field is used to identify a specific path through the network
TCP achieves ______by retransmission.
HEADER LEN field gives size of extension header
UDP uses best-effort delivery service
Data Manipulation language (DML) is the set of commands used to maintain and query a database including updating ,inserting , modifying and retrieving data .


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