MGT 501 – Solved Current Grand Quiz 2020

mdt 501 midterm solved grand quiz 2020

MGT 501 – Solved Current Grand Quiz 2020


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Welcome to your MGT 501 - Solved Current Grand Quiz 2020

Which of the following management function a manager needs to be performed to examine the deviation from standards set in the planning stage
If two persons experience the same situation but interpret it differently , this difference in meaning is because of their..
XYZ organization advertised a post of salesperson to hire someone who is sociable, assertive, active and ambitious which of the following personality trait organization is looking for.
Which of the following activity provides the basis for selection process
Increasing trend of dual-career families depicts which of the following challenge.
Socialization is a process of:
Professionals who focus on long term issues and overall effectiveness of the organization
Which of the following advantage organization will most likely to receive if the screening efforts goes successful
Which selection tool is considered least by HR managers while hiring an individual?
In MIS following are inter-related
Which one of the following strategies should be used by an organization in case of surplus of employees?
Which one of the following analysis provides information about jobs currently being done and the knowledge , skills and abilities that employees need to perform the job ?
Which one method of training typically refers to the occupations that require a higher level of the formal education ?
Which of the following is the micro environmental force which effects human resource functions of organizations?
By performing which of the following recruitment process organizations bears the high cost
Which one is not the component of training and development?
Ahmed is working on the assembly -line .Which of them will be relatively a suitable method for the job analysis of assembly line worker?
HRIS stand for
Entrepreneurs are said to perform the:
The mental process to pay attention selectively to some stimuli and cues in our environment is known as:
Job specification is an outcome of :
Which of the following is not true regarding strategic role of human resources in an organization?
In which of the following system the organization notifies its present employees about job openings through the use person letters?


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