______ is a mechanism that is used for mapping interrupts to interrupt handlers

a. Interrupt Invoking
b. Interrupt Hooking
c. Interrupt Matching
d. Interrupt Calling

The execution of the instruction mov word[ES : 160] 0x1230 will print a chararcter on the screen at.

a. First column of second row
b. Second column of first row
c. Second column of second row
d. First column of third row

_____ decrement SP ( the stack pointer ) by two and then transfers a word from source operand to the top of stack now pointed to by SP

b. POP
d. RET

In case of short jump the offset is stored in __________

a. 1 byte
b. 2 bytes
c. 4 bytes
d. 16 bytes

iAPX88 Architecture consist of
a. 10 Registers
b. 14 Registers
c. 16 Registers
d. 32 Registers

The __________ operation is about shifting every bit one place to the right with a copy of the most significant bit left at the most significant place . The bit dropped from the right in caught in the carry basket.

a. Shift Logical Left (SHL)
b. Shift Logical Right (SHR)
c. Shift Arithmetic Right (SAR)
d. Shift Arithmetic Left (SAL)

The Microphone itself consisting of __________ _______ and _________.

a. Control Unit ,Keyboard ,Mouse
b. Control Unit ,Arithmetic & Logic Unit ,I/O
c. Arithmetic & Logic Unit , I/O ,Registers
d. Control Unit ,Arithmetic & Logic Unit , Registers Registers

Instruction for permanent diversion in 8088 are instructions.

b. Ret
d. Mov

In assembly language the first executable instruction of the code should be Placed at this offset_____

a. 0000
b. 0100
c. 0010
d. 1100

This jump is taken if the last arithmetic operation produced a number in its destination that has even parity which jump is taken

a. JP
b. JPE
c. JNP
d. bothe JP and JPE

Which of the following registers hold the address of data in Intel 8088?

a. BX BP ST  and ES 
b. BX BP ES and DI
c. BX BP SI and DI
d. BX SP SI and DI

When the operand of DIV instruction is of 16-bits then implied dividend will be stored in _______

a. AX registers
b. The concatenation of DX and AX
c. The concatenation of ES and AX
d. The concatenation of DS and BX

Which one of the following is the central registerin every processor ?

a. Program counter
b. Accumulator 
c. Instruction point
d. Instruction set pointer

The types of address wraparound are _________.

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4


For the execution of the instruction DIV BL the implied dividend is of

a. 32 bits
b. 16 bits 
c. 8 bits
d. 4 bits

MOVS  instruction transfers a byte or word from which of the following sources location .

a. ES:DI
b. DS:DI
c. ES:SI
d. DS:SI

To set 60,55,45,58 in ascending order through bubble sort the number of passes required are

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

Which bit of the Attribute Byte (Counting from right to left starting from 0) represents the GREEN component of foreground color?

a. 1
b. 3
c. 5
d. 7

IN graphics mode a location in video memory correspond to a ______ on the screen.

a. Line
b. Dot
c. ASCII Character
d. Circle

The screen is two dimensional space having

a. 25 Row and 25 columns
b. 25 Rows and 80 columns
c. 80 Row and 80 columns
d. 80 Row and 25 columns

__________ is a collection of elements arranged in a linear order

a. Queus
b. List
c. Stack
d. Array

The iAPX888 architecture consist of ________ register.

a. 12
b. 14
c. 16
d. 18

__________ is the tool that will convert the program into executable binary code

a. Linker
b. Debugger
c. Assembler
d. None of the above

A carry if generate is dropped without being stored anywhere and the phenomenon is called ________

a. segment wraparound
b. address wraparound
c. physical memory wraparound
d. All of the above

MS DOS uses ______ display mode

a. Character based
b. Console based
c. Graphic based
d. Numeric based

Which of the following is not string Processing Instruction

d. None of the above

What is the correct abbreviation of ASCII__________

a. American Standard code for International Interchange
b. American Standard code for Information Interchange
c. American Standard course for International Interchange
d. None of the above

If the decimal number 35 is shifted by two bits to left the new value will be___________
a. 35
b. 70
c. 140
d. 17


Which bit of the attribute byte ( counting from right to left starting from 0) represent the GREEN component of background color?

a. 1
b. 3
c. 5
d. 7

Which of the following are the modes of video services?

a. Graphic Mode
b. Text Mode
c. Both A and B
D. None of the above

Assembly language is

a. Low-level programming language
b. High-level programming language
c. Not considered closer to the computer
d. Also know as machine language

The iAPX888 architecture has 14 register and classified into _________ categories.

a. 1
b. 3
c. 5
d. 7

________ is the tool that is used to identifying the error and correct them after debugging

a. Linker
b. Debugger
c. Assembler
d. None of the above

When the we calculate the effective and generate carry is dropped this concept is known as ____________.

a. Segment wraparound
b. Address wraparound
c. Physical Memory wraparound
d. All of the above

In  “DIV BX” instruction the higher word is store in _______ register.

a. AX
b. DX
c. BX
d. CX

CMPS instruction transfers a byte or word from which of he following source locations.
a. ES:DI
b. DS:DI
c. ES:SI
d. DS:SI
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